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Style Litter

Joon and Roy

 6 girls and 3 boys, born 10/22/2015

These puppies are in their forever homes being loved and spoiled!

Red 5 Weeks
Purple 5 Weeks
Pink 5 Weeks
Orange 5 Weeks
Lime 5 Weeks
Green 5 Weeks
Brown 5 Weeks
Aqua 5 Weeks
Yellow 5 Weeks
Yellow 3 weeks
Red 3 weeks
Purple 3 weeks
Pink 3 weeks
Orange 3 weeks
Lime 3 weeks
Green 3 weeks
Brown 3 weeks
Aqua 3 weeks
Yellow 10 days
Red 10 days
Purple 10 days
Pink Yawn
Pink 10 days
Orange 10 days
Lime 10 days
Green 10 days
Brown's stripe
Brown 10 Days
Aqua 10 days
Yellow Girl
Red Boy
Purple Girl
Pink Girl
Orange Girl
Lime Girl
Green Boy
Brown Boy
Aqua Girl


Four-T's & Lazy J's Intaxication
AKC pointed

DOB 4-14-12
Sire: CH Kelleyz Moondogie At Indianland "Moon"

Dam: Lazy J's Day at the Beach "Fricka~"


OFA Hips  Excellent

OFA Elbows  Normal

CERF  Normal

DM -SOD1A Carrier

DM -SOD1B Clear

vWd Clear


Bernergarde # 88003

CH Four-T's Chunky Monkey





Sire: CH Tulipanos Berni Felix

Dam: Four-T's Classified Information


OFA Hips Good

OFA Elbows R normal L grade 1

DM -SOD1A Clear

DM -SOD1B Clear

vWd Clear


Bernergarde # 116270

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