The Wind Litter

Gabby and Felix  

3 girls and 2 boys


 BIS GCH Tulipanos Berni Felix

DOB: 1/18/2011

Sire: Xander's Hill Harlequin Scooby Doo

Dam: Zara Vom Oberholzer Forst

OFA Hips  Excellent

OFA Elobows  Normal

DM  -SOD1A Carrier

DM -SOD1B Clear

CERF Normal

vWd Clear

Bernergarde # 83479

Four-T's Beg, Borrow or Steel
AKC pointed

DOB 1-6-2012
Sire: CH Four-T's Steel Toed Boot ~Floyd~
Dam: CH Indianlands Full Moon Rising ~Luna~


OFA Hips  Good​

OFA Elbows Normal

CERF Normal

DM -SOD1A Carrier

DM -SOD1B Clear

vWd Clear


Bernergarde # 84787



Yellow Girl 7 Weeks
Red Boy 7 Weeks
Purple Girl 7 Weeks
Pink Girl 7 Weeks
Blue Boy 7 Weeks
Yellow Girl 4.5 Weeks
Red Boy 4.5 Weeks
Purple Girl 4.5 Weeks
Pink Girl 4.5 Weeks
Blue Boy 4.5 Weeks
Yellow Girl 2.5 Weeks
Red Boy 2.5 Weeks
Purple Girl 2.5 Weeks
Pink Girl 2.5 Weeks
Blue Boy 2.5 Weeks
Yellow Girl 10 Days
So hard being a puppy!
Two peas in a pod
Red Boy 10 Days
Purple Girl 10 Days
Pink Girl 10 Days
Blue Boy 10 Days
Yellow Girl 1 Day
Red Boy 1 Day
Purple Girl 1 Day
Pink Girl 1 Day
Blue Boy 1 Day

This litter are all in their forever homes.

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